Good ergonomic grips for mountain bikes

The Spesh BG ones are good, I had them on my last bike.


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Matthames said:
I find a set of full length bar ends helpful as the change of position helps maintain comfort.
Hello Matthames,

I agree - what ever grips I will buy I will take a pair with those "horns" as I call them. Sometimes on long rides this enables you to take pressure of your wrists that way.


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Mark_Robson said:
These are excellent for the price. I have them on my MTB and I can highly recommend them.
I have very similar ,i have the wider grips with some cheap bar ends.

Just a thought i just adjusted my saddle position more in line with my road bike fit (knee over pedal crank ) and instantly the numbness i used to get in my hands has gone away.
I tend to ride on the curved bar ends anyway , could be stem needs to be longer in my case.


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I've got the Ergon GC3s which are very comfortable.


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Thank you everybody for your recommendation, feedback and information. I decided to go with the Ergon GC2-L for reasons that I wrote in my review for generations to come.

Here is a picture I took of the Ergon GC2-L:

They are not the cheapest but I guess you get what you pay for. The Ergon GC2-L is sturdy and since I use it I have less numbness and pain in my arms.

Hope this one will help others decide what grips are suited for them.


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I've a MTB with slicks I use for commuting. Left the bike into get serviced and they lost my existing grips and the one they replace them are I just don't like.

I ride mainly on the bar ends. But they bare alu and finding them hard these days. Hoping for something softer. I like the look of the Cane Creek Ergo Control II Bar Ends. But what grips would you put with them?

I found standard round grips with decent bar ends such as the those mentioned or Giant Contact Ergo's (Bar Ends) helped a great deal with road vibration and hand tiredness.
Shaped grips kept twisting around with use, never staying horizontal, so I gave up on them in the end, but having the bar ends made me far more comfortable on longer runs.
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