good experience with the NHS! (for once)


I went to the docs for a minor operation on my head, and it was very quick and painless. My head is now flat again for the first time in years, I have had a lump on it for ages, before you ask no I haven't had my brain whipped out, it was apparently just a cyst. Called me in on time aswell.


Bonj, does this mean you are now 'right'? ;-)

Although since your avatar is still Brian from Spaced, I'd assume not :-))

Aye, sometimes the NHS works well...sometimes.


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Saw Sicko last night - at least it convinced me that, despite its failings, the NHS is infinitely better than a profit driven health insurance scheme. Terrible film by the way - Michael Moore's editorial techniques have got even worse than before, and as he attempts to view what is homesoil to the brits, it is easy to note the failings in his edit: such as his attempt to tell us that when we go to the hospital, they give us money.


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bonj said:
My head is now flat again for the first time in years.

They ran you over with a steamroller?

Never mind you won't need a hat from now on, and envelopes are cheaper...


Bonj, I reckon you started this thread on purpose: you really enjoy the wind-ups don't you! ;):biggrin::biggrin: Never mind:
bonj said:
My head is now flat again ...
well that settles the question as to what your next avatar should be. See here, (or for other options, here).
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