Good fettle?


A 'what have you fettled today' thread for KnowHow?

It'll either sink or swim so:

Retired the front wheel on the commuter, found a nearly new tyre I'd forgotten I had for the spare wheel plus some TLC/MrSheen. And put GT85 on the moving bits of the workstand.
In the sunshine.


Guru do tomorrow...replace chain, replace front mech cable, clean & lube drivetrain to get ready for next week's commuting duties.


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I've ordered two new tyres for the Ribble, a front mech and some brake pads for the MTB, and sprayed a load of WD-40 on the Kirk in an (almost certainly hopeless) attempt to unseize the seat post.
I also pumped the tyres up on the SS before going for a ride.


Cleaned all the bikes, including a de- / re-grease of the chain & drive train of the MTB and the Tricross. I need new shorts now, as those are covered in oil and cack. ;)

Put a rear mudguard on Small Norm II's bike.


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My rear inner tube deflated instantly as I arrived at the allotment, when I went over a speed bump too fast :ohmy:. Strange, as the tyres were properly pumped up, must have just hit it "right". There was a large hole right next to the valve, unrepair-able. Had to phone Mr T for help, he rode to the rescue with a new inner tube, I only had a p******e repair kit with me...
The nearest bike shop is a 30 minute walk away ...
That'll teach me ;)

I did a mass fettle on my 4 bikes and 3 kids bikes last weekend. This included fixing a Nexus hub, replacing a broken spoke and truing wheel, cleaning or replacing chains, adjusting rim brakes, greasing roller brakes, pumping all the tyres up to pressure plus wiping them all down and other little tasks.

dave r

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My Pearson fixed got a check over yesterday, cleaned it, adjusted the chain and brakes, checked the tyres for debris and checked it over for loose nuts and bolts.


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lubed and inflated the summer bike this morning in preparation for the club run.

put some little rubber patches on same after the cables made 'knocking' noises (see other thread).


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New chainrings on the old Peugeot 525 - to replace the original Biopace rings (still plenty of life in them, but I need a lower range, so 52/42 replaced with 48/38, cassette to be changed next.) Had to make a new pin - the one that prevents the chain falling between crank and big ring - before I fitted them.


Lowered the stem and gave the bike a nice polish ready for tomorrow's ride.

Now waiting for the arrival of an Allen key long enough to get into the STI shifters so I can change the handlebars over. I reckon that'll be a job for Wednesday night. Can't wait to get those new bars on!

LBS replaced my headset for me on my training bike as well.


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It was a beautifully relaxing day here today, warm and windless, my utility bike was leaning against the wheely bin after a run into town. I had a look over it and thought it's time that got a bit of a clean up.
That's a start anyway.:biggrin:


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Dismantled the fixie today - nothing left apart from the bb and cranks, which I couldn't remove - no tools. Got the bits at the end of the day...I'll get the rest one evening this week, ready for a trip to Armourtex next weekend.

Oh, a tip....

Big frame, even my biggest screwdriver wasn't quite long enough to reach thru' the head tube to get to the top and bottom bearing cups (or whatever they're called). Stumped. Looked around and thought for a bit....suddenly spotted the handlebars on the young'un's micro-scooter. Worked a treat!


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Got the cyclo loops yesterday so fitted them, and the Pendle to the Galaxy in preparation for my first Audax next weekend.
Sewed some elastic onto to the map case on my Tesco handlebar bag to stop it flapping about.
Sorted the rear brakes and stem on son's MTB.
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