Got a bit carried away


Market Rasen
I went out yesterday for a quick ride intending to ride about 30-35 miles. It was mostly to see how far the bikepath from Lincoln to Harby had been extended. You can get all the way to Fledbourough now - sweet!
Well I turned back round and just kept cycling - nice day and all. After some hours I started to get hungry so headed home (no idea what the time was). Got home and checked my N82 sports tracker and I had done 85 miles!
My neighbour thinks that I'm crazy.:biggrin:


That's rubbish. You didn't make the magic 100 mark, Go back and do another 15 miles.


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Sunny Wakefield
I've spent a while looping just to get over milestones before- "I've done 68 miles- I'll go past my house and loop round the park..."

Bonkers. Makes no difference.
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