Got a Christmas card today.

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Costa Clyde
I got one yesterday. Posted second class, but couldn't make out the date of posting.
The Royal Mail were on strike in the run up to Christmas, so late cards were inevitable. It gives me an excuse not to bother with the outdated tradition of sending cards in future years, so all good.


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Just a reminder, old style stamps have to be used by 31 Jan. New ones have an ugly barcode attached.

Royal Mail urges people to use or swap non-barcoded stamps​

Deadline is 31 January, although there will then be six-month grace period with such post still delivered

Juan Kog

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We had 5 cards delivered today. Including one dated 13 December . To be fair to the Royal Mail that card was written by a relative who has failing eyesight, so we were lucky to receive it at all.


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Blimey talk about sending them early for Christmas 2023


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I deliberately send the few cards I do send after Christmas.
It avoids them getting caught up in the pre Christmas chaos.
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