Got any thoughts on Merida Bikes?


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Wirral's mine , bought in November. great ride.



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Merida is the second largest bike manufacturer in the world,They produce 350 an hour,half for there own brand,and the other half for other brands specialized being the one you've heard of.(which merida own a large share in)
They offer lifetime guarantee on All frames including carbon!The bikes are top notch and use all the latest technology in the frame's, internal cables,nano carbon,dual chamber,flax fibres etc...They will not use 7005 alloy because its not suitable for modern hydro forming methods(cube take note)They use shimano almost exclusively due to back up being reliable all around the world.The new reactor range is well worth a look if your into aero bikes,Scultura if you race,and the Ride range is more sportive orientated.


I had a good look at them when I was in the market for a road bike.
local green wheel cycles sells them. Frames are nice but you will need to spend a lot for good kit bolted to it.
I found them pricey if im honest, but im on road bike 1

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my carrera-badged Merida frame is 10 years old and still going strong...
Merida also made a lot of the Raleigh bikes for the USA market in the late seventies,and later Schwinn,they have very close ties with giant the largest manufacturer. They maintain there 140 billion Taiwanese dollar value that way,and leave the third largest maker ideal bicycles worth 2.5 billion trailing in there wake,nearly all other manufactures don't even make the list.
Daughter has one and very nice. German brand I believe so should be a quality item. They can be pricey.
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