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Discussion in 'Advocacy and Cycling Safety' started by Mister Paul, 29 Feb 2008.

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    The new edition of The Highway Code, published in September 2007, includes enhanced advice to all road users to look out for and be more aware of vulnerable road users, including cyclists. To make drivers more aware of cyclists, the driving theory test question bank contains a large number of questions about vulnerable road users. The on-screen theory test also includes a hazard perception test using film clips of real on-road situations, to test hazard perception using moving images, which include cyclists. Candidates for all practical driving tests are assessed on how they interact or deal with on-road situations involving cyclists. Driving examiners are trained to assess that due consideration and clearance is given to cyclists during the test, but this can only be assessed if such a situation arises.

    The Government concentrates its cycle safety publicity on teenagers and younger children, as these are the most vulnerable groups. We have run various cycle safety campaigns over the last ten years. Currently, cycling safety messages for younger children are included on the Hedgehogs website including advice and games. In 2006 we produced an online advertisement for children called 'No helmet, no ride', which encourages children to wear a cycle helmet.

    There is also the cyclesense website aimed at teenage cyclists, giving advice and tips of cycling safety. In 2007 we ran a MTV/THINK! competition, where teenagers were asked to come up with ideas for TV commercials about road safety, including cycling, aimed at their peers. This activity ran over five months and the 3 best ideas were produced as TV commercials and teens voted for their favourite ad on-line.

    Our leaflet `Drive Safe Cycle Safe' also encourages drivers and cyclists to share the road safely. We have grant funded a number of projects to improve road safety for cyclists including a RoSPA produced DVD on safety for cyclists and lorries.

    Department for Transport officials meet regularly with cycle groups to discuss current initiatives and work programmes, including representatives from the CTC, Sustrans and LCC (London Cycle Campaign). The Department has also included the same cycle groups in their stakeholder meetings over its new proposed cycle safety research work. Many of the cycle groups are also members of Cycling England's Board and able to influence suggestions to Ministers on a range of cycling issues. CTC and other cycle groups are regularly consulted by DfT on new policy proposals. CTC is also a member of the Road Safety Advisory Panel.

    We are committed to encouraging more walking and cycling as we view both as healthy, useful and enjoyable means of travel especially for local journeys. We fully realise that we need to create safer conditions, in particular for cyclists, with improved facilities within an integrated transport system to give people wider options over their local journeys.

    With this in mind, The Rt Hon Ruth Kelly MP, Secretary of State for Transport announced on 21 January a six-fold increase in the budget for Cycling England, which will complement local authority spend. Their budget will double to £20 million next year and then rise to £60 million in both 2009/10 and 2010/11. This increased funding will enable an extra 500,000 children to have access to the new Bikeability training by 2012; 11 more Cycling Demonstration Towns including a large conurbation to add to the current 6; and an infrastructure programme concentrated on more safe routes to schools. This fulfils a commitment to increase investment in sustainable transport initiatives outlined in the recent strategy document 'Towards a Sustainable Transport System'.
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    Well, thats a very political answer to my petition, but basically says that no, they do not see a specific part of the driving test aimed at cycle awareness as valuable.
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    Was that your petition Jacomus. Good of you to try but the response is typical in its avoidance of the actual question ;)

    Maybe someone should start a petition asking the government to actually start answering the questions asked in the petitions!:blush:
  4. Jacomus-rides-Gen

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    Guildford / London
    Yes, that was me. Its an idea I had knocking around in my head for a long time, sparked by a German friend of mine telling me about a specific cycle awareness section in his advanced driving test.

    It is such a crying shame that the standard of driving required to pass the test is so low, and yet it is higher and we have safer roads than almost all other countries!!
  5. Canrider

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    I almost did, went there after seeing what you wrote (as I'd been thinking the same thing in the past).
    Then I saw what kinds of petitions they get. Most deserve exactly the answer they get, in the non-answer to non-petitionable-issue sense.
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