Gps. on the bike.

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Iv read about gps that tells you your location by grid ref,but is there one similar to the car ones,that show a map and tells you when to turn?Just curious, as if i were to have one, i think this type would suit better for on road ,and not off in the wilds:smile:
i use a vista c, now cx, with city select mapping. it shows you where you are, all the roads and theres a postcode finder/street finder option which will generate a route for you to follow with full turn by turn insructions before every turn.
i use tracklogs digitalmappping(OS) to plan rides before downloading to the gps.any points of interest on the ride are saved as waypoints and the ride planned around them.
using tracklogs to plan will let you follow any off road tracks.
it isn't cheap to set up though!


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I use a T-Mobile MDA Compact 111. It has a built-in GPS receiver and runs Windows Mobile 5, so as well as being a phone, it also runs TomTom Mobile 6 and Memory-Map. RAM (and others) make a waterproof handlebar mounted holder.
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