Great cycling cities of the future

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I last went to Paris on my 21st birthday. We had planned a final morning trip to the Louvre before catching the train back to Calais. Placed my bag on top of the wall which runs around the dry moat of the Louvre. Jumped up on the wall to enjoy an enormous golden delicious apple I’d bought for breakfast and knocked the bag containing my passport into the moat. Whilst everyone else spent the morning gazing at the Mona Lisa, it took me over 2 hours in my pigeon French to make the museum staff understand what had happened.


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Ha ha. Most of the Seine (Sen) bridges have a wide shelf outside the parapet so my friend and I used to have fun standing on the parapet when a bus load of towerists came slowly by, feigning a dramatic gesture then jumping off, hiding behind the parapet then popping up. The expressions on people's faces were always priceless.

I stopped that silly jape the day I jumped and my house keys popped out of my pocket and landed on the parapet where I just managed to grab them before they slipped over the edge.


I liked Paris when I lived there in the mid 80s but on recent visits I've been disgusted by the graffiti, the street crime and the stink of urine in the Metro and underpasses.
The op appears to have gone from madness to muteness.

Globalti's post seemed fine to me as a politely expressed personal opinion.

Me? Went to paris a fair bit when younger, haven't been for years, so no real opinions worth anything.

Op might be putting me off a return.
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