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So as I've aged the first part of my body to give out riding a bike now is my rear side. I'd like to do a distance record for myself this fall but I don't think I can do it without some extra cushion. Can anyone recommend a good gel seat cover for about $20? I ordered one on Amazon that was one of their best sellers and they refunded my order as they were out of stock.

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A few questions for you.

How far and how often do you normally ride?
What do you wear, any cycling specific shorts?
What bike are you riding and what saddle is fitted?

There is lots of debate around best saddles/padded shorts/saddle position but it is usually a concensus that padded/gel covers are about the worst solution possible so maybe you were lucky the item was out of stock.
There is lots of debate around best saddles/padded shorts/saddle position but it is usually a concensus that padded/gel covers are about the worst solution possible so maybe you were lucky the item was out of stock.
get the right saddle/shorts pad/arse interface from the off.
saddles don't have to be expensive at all.
One of my bikes has one I got second hand (but perfect) for a fiver - it's particularly hard but fine if I wear quality padded lycra.
My others have a bit more gel IN THE SADDLE and are less demanding on the short pad.
Vital is the correct dimensions for the saddle - you will discover this over time @bradleyheathhays and then you are pretty much sorted - can just pick up saddles of those dimensions - and cheaply - no need for ever more clever shapes/slots/things for your bits to drop through.
that's the word from my arse anyway.

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I did have some success with a gel cover on my Brompton.

My guess is the saddle was a bit too narrow for me, so it was the extra width the cover provided that did the job, rather than the padding.

Brompton now offer an extra width saddle, which I would be tempted by if I ever buy another Brommie.


Gel covers are comfortable for a short time as the weight is spread out over your whole arse. The problem is that most of your arse isn't suitable for weight bearing and will get sore very quickly. Getting a saddle with the right shape and width is the important part as is acclimatising yourself to riding for longer.

Take a few moments to answer the questions that @I like Skol posted just above, but I'd also add one more, do you currently get a sore arse when riding?

If not then ride for a bit longer than normal and see what happens. If nothing, ride for a bit longer again see what happens. A little bit of discomfort is expected when riding longer than you are used to but if it goes away quickly when getting off the bike or standing up to pedal then it's probably not the saddle it's just acclimatisation.


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Thanks for the quick responses everybody.

I've asked this question on another bike forum as well and I think I've arrived to at least a partial solution. My income has been down since the virus hit so I'm trying to keep my spending down here. It looks like the cheapest improvement I can make is by getting some padded cycle shorts, as I ride in just regular shorts now. I'm all ears for suggestions.

Now to answer the questions. I ride about 23 miles twice a week. My longest so far has been 36 although that wasn't a distance attempt. My goal is to do 50 by the end of the summer. I have a Trek 7.3 that's about 7 years old. It's a flat bar 27 gear 700mm class hybrid bike w/ a fiberglass (or carbon fiber?) front fork. Stock saddle. And yes I am having pains when riding. I've ridden more this summer than I ever have and ironically it's only now that this is showing up.

I'm in the US. Have I found a UK based forum here?


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I would get the shorts first. Saddles are extremely personal and what works for one person, might not work for another. With regards to the saddle, see if any of your local bike shops offer a saddle test drive service. Usually for a small deposit, you can try as many different saddles as the shop has available.
I'm in the US. Have I found a UK based forum here?
Yep, you've crossed into the dark side, home of Trump's loathed BBC etc.

Am sure you will find much cycling stuff on here to interest you though.

Might be an idea to add your location to your avatar profile.

There's at least one other US member and regular poster on here.


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My best saddles I found so far are cheap ones ( less than £10 I think ) from Aldi or Lidl. I have 4 more expensive saddles that are just hanging on my shed wall now.


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My new bike came with a "memory foam " saddle for extra comfort but as with gel saddles i just sank in and actually got a saddle sore , swapped it for the much liked charge spoon and im better again.

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My bike came with a soft saddle . I was in agony right from the off. I went The other way and bought a Brooks leather saddle. It's heaven and I love it. If your bum doesn't hurt then wait and see how things work out
Since you're on a budget bike shorts are probably the way to go (don't use them myself).
Of course, the problem may just be that your ass needs to get used to this new fun!

Perhaps I'm reading it wrong, but I'm guessing a 23 mile route is probably taking 90 minutes or longer?
In that case, I'd suggest getting out every day and doing a shorter route. Yo can still do a couple of longer days but a short spin every day will probably help get the body tuned in faster.

Good luck!


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Thanks for all the good info again!

I'll definitely be getting myself some bike shorts as that's the advice from everybody whose chimed in. Unfortunately I'm going to have to keep the price down. Anyone have a suggestions for a short manufacturer that makes decent models in the lower price range?
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