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Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by postman, 9 Feb 2019.

  1. Diogenes

    Diogenes Opinions, schminions

    A friend was on the train through to Glasgow from Falkirk to meet his girlfriend for a day's shopping on a Saturday. On the train he bumped into a large group of his mates on the way to watch Falkirk play Partick Thistle so he joined the party for a while. When he got off the train at Queen St with them, he was quite surprised when the police kettled all the Falkirk fans - him included - and marched them all up to Firhill as a tight group. No amount of protestations from him or his friends made any impact on Strathclyde's finest as he was virtually frogmarched to the turnstyle. Once there he was pretty much committed to going in and watching the game.

    At least that's the story he told a rather irate girlfriend :laugh:
  2. tom73

    tom73 Über Member

    They often are this is my point. Football seams to have a culture that go's alongside it which often bring issues that have to be dealt with without any fall back on the club. If other licensed events have to pay the full cost of policing not just in case but for over all management of mass numbers then the multi million pound clubs should do so too.
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  3. classic33

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    I don't follow any team, but to me it seems if there's a chance of "trouble" people will follow whichever team they want.

    When was the last pub(town centre) closed down, near you, because of trouble caused by a football match miles away?
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  4. Slioch

    Slioch Veteran

    I used to enjoy going to watch the football, irrespective of whether I supported them or not (I'm a Watford fan at heart), and used to go and watch "Partick Thistle Nil" from time to time when I lived in that area of Glasgow.
    Your friend has my deepest commiserations for being forced to watch that pile of sh*te. :smile:
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  5. oldwheels

    oldwheels Veteran

    I am a bit late to this thread re tourist tax. I do not now go to Edinburgh anyway but I do go to Glasgow but not as a tourist. I object to paying a “ tourist tax “ particularly as being on my own I am penalised as this is a room tax not a person tax. I am there for a hospital visit which is fraught enough without being regarded as a tourist. Business travellers just bung the extra on expenses so somebody else will pay, probably eventually the rest of us in increased prices.
  6. screenman

    screenman Legendary Member

    I guess from that you are not in business, to pay my expenses I have to work and earn the money first.
  7. OP

    postman Legendary Member

    Meanwood ,Leeds
    There is an article in todays paper.

    The three main hotel associations in the Balearics want the immediate withdrawal of the tourist tax, which was reintroduced in 2016 and then doubled in 2018. 'It has been shown that the projects financed by the tax have nothing to do with tourism and the environment.'
    Read the word DOUBLED,people only have so much money left over to have holidays,the hoteliers are worried and rightly so.
  8. oldwheels

    oldwheels Veteran

    Screenman I am not travelling on business which is my concern about a tourist tax. Hospital visits do not count as business. Premier Inns I use however have lots of business users who certainly do not have your concerns and it will just go on expenses which head office will pass on to the customer.
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  9. If a government plays silly devils like that they shouldn't be surprised that people object. I think the reason it is accepted here is that organisations and tourists see the advantages, either indirectly through infrastructure (Lake Constance has wonderful cycleways*, for example) and directly through discounts.

    Going back to York because I know the city, there's a very small part of the centre that is rammed with a huge number of tourists for six months of the year, and a fairly normal ex-industrial northern town with a smaller population that has to be maintained and policed year round. They've been squeezed by central government for a decade and I imagine they're getting pretty desperate.

    *Around the edge, you understand, not across the middle: that'd be silly.
  10. PK99

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    Tourist tax is a shorthand misnomer, call it "Hotel room occupation tax" and your problem goes away...
  11. snorri

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    Indeed, the method of collection is all important.
    I had a bad experience when returning to the UK following a 4 week holiday in Vancouver. After the ticket check and luggage handover I was walking towards the departure lounge when I was accosted at a little kiosk and an Airport Improvement Tax was demanded. I really thought it must be a scam, of course I had to pay, but left the kiosk guy in no doubt about my feelings regarding customer care and PR at Vancouver airport.
  12. snorri

    snorri Legendary Member

    But you can claim travel expenses less £10.00 for hospital visits, no?
  13. srw

    srw It's a bit more complicated than that...

    Then have a look at the actual numbers.

    It's DOUBLED from less than the price of a beer per day to.... less than the price of a beer per day.

    If the hoteliers are really worried about that they've got far bigger problems to worry about. Travellers have very high tolerance of small absolute price change.
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  14. screenman

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    Is a business person a tourist? and most businesses in the UK are very small and may not have a head office, I myself travel around the country at times selling my wares. Whatever it is I cannot see it as greed as it comes back to those paying it.
  15. Diogenes

    Diogenes Opinions, schminions

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