Guardian Photo Essay on the Rough Stuff Fellowship cycling club.

Wonderful photo essay in todays Guardian on the Rough Stuff Fellowship.

"Often described as the world’s oldest off-road cycling club, the Rough-Stuff Fellowship (RSF) was founded in 1955 by a group of hardy cyclists from northern England who shunned smooth tarmac in favour of bumpy tracks, muddy bridleways and rugged hill passes. Their goal: to traverse “the rougher and less-beaten ways”

It's an amazing look through their photo archives and puts my gravel biking exploits to shame!


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Well that puts any one who complains about their commute to shame
When I started riding more seriously in the 70's it was the RSF which inspired how. We travelled with OS maps and a stove, explored footpaths and forests, lanes and byways, we often didn't get that far but we had fun doing it.


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The book by Davie Bell title The Highwayman has quite a bit of rough stuff in the Scottish Borders.
I did the Lairg Ghru in the mid 1950’s with an ordinary road bike of the time. Had a bit of carrying but being young and daft never thought much about it at the time.


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