Guns are welcome on premises

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And all the waitresses are armed too. I bet they don't get many robberies.


Shooters Grills is not all about buns and guns, however: "We are here to serve our Lord Jesus Christ," says Lauren. "We want to give everyone the opportunity to personally know Jesus as their eternal Lord and saviour. We want to have an everlasting effect on our customers, and it starts with the love of God."


“Now all of the waitresses openly wear guns and carry dangerous hollow-point bullets – which are designed to cause maximum damage to a potential attacker by expanding on impact," says Lauren

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only a month after launching, “there was an altercation in our back alley that ended with a man losing his life," says the 28-year-old owner Lauren. And what could possibly be the best solution to avoid people being killed in your back alley? Obviously, you ensure your staff knows how to shoot.
Because shooting them is definitely the best way of preventing someone losing their lives.
"According to liberals, [the fact that all staff carry guns] means there’s a bloodbath slaughter every night where millions are killed, but according to reality, everyone gets some good eatins [sic] and no robber would dare share his face in that restaurant."

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Guns are legally allowed to be carried openly where they live and at least they're open about it. As they say, they don't get robbed and don't get any trouble, which is probablydown to their openness. Seems the practical thing to do, given the circumstances they find themselves in. I'd happily eat there, were it not for the fact I'm a cheapskate. Only reason, apart from that, I'd stay away, would be the forceful religeon thing. Not my bag.


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A friend of mine was in Texas last year. His American pals took him to a bar in a remote desert town. He really liked it, despite the omnipresent guns. He had an interesting chat with the bar owner.

My pal was rather shocked the following week to hear what happened after the owner had got into a 24 hour drinking session with one customer. This boozy binge eventually culminated in a violent argument. The customer drew his gun ....

... placed it on a table, and beat the bar owner to death with his bare hands rather than shooting him! :eek:

I'm sure that many violent drunks packing heat would simply go for the shooting option though.

I will not be taking part in lock-ins in Texas, or dining at any restaurant where a transatlantic sense of humo(u)r failure might lead to me being despatched rather sooner than expected into the loving arms of Jesus Christ, Our Lord! :whistle:
judicious marksmanship appreciated
Great line!
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