Halfords Cambridge - what great service


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May sound a bit unlikely, but here's what happened, judge for yourself.

Turned up this lunchtime, with my bike, and said I wanted to buy a new pair of pedals.

They duly sorted me out a suitable pair, then I asked if they'd any tips getting the old pair off.

"Want me to fit the new ones?" was the response.

Its was far from easy getting the old ones off, they'd been done up really tight, and been on for years, but all done with a smile, and friendly advice how to help seat the Schawbe Marathon on the front wheel better.

I guess it is down to the individual shops, but Halfords on Newmarket Road, Cambridge, get my vote of thanks.



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getting pedals off with the right tool is hardly difficult though. halfords' service can vary from great to rubbish, and i've known both across one branch…


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Yeah but, credit where it's due and all that... to counter all the stories about forks fitted back to front, etc

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I've bought a couple of family bikes from Halfords and both have been great - although I did research a few magazines before buying. With regards to customer service and bike servicing, it can be a bit hit and miss. In the Halfords in Huddersfield there seems to be 1 or 2 guys who know what they are talking about and I'd trust them with my bikes. However there are also quite a lot of others in there who are just too new and inexperienced. They seem to be overly reliant on the experienced guys and this just won't work if they aren't on shift at that time. I think this is where Halfords picks up there bad reputation. Just a bit too hit and miss.


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TBH I see Halfords as a good shop for getting fluids and mechanical bits and bobs if you know exactly what you need.

I stopped trusting the staff when I got a replacement tube for my dads mountain bike... I had a look myself first - couldnt find any tubes, asked the (young) guy and gave him the old bust tube to get me a replacement. He digs in a drawer full of tubes and gives me one and says 'thats you sorted'. I get home go to put it in and its completely wrong size and causes the tire to end up off the rim when pumped up lol.

If you do a bit of googling before going to Halfords then you probabbly know more about whatever it is than their staff do lol.

(IMO) lol


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Well, more than anything I was trying to make people who may live reasonably close to the Cambridge branch aware that there's at least two friendly guys there (I've been in twice now, they've been helpful both times), and bearing in mind that I hadn't booked or anything, I really appreciated just turning up and having it done, for free (though I guess you could argue they charge too much for the parts).

Anyway, made my day, wanted to share that happy thought :-)

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