Happy Lancashire Day!!!



And we're secure enough not to feel the need to constantly go on about it unlike some counties I could mention!
I didn't realise it was lancashire day to be honest.
But happy lancashire day everyone.
I recommend a nice slab of lancashire cheese.
with something from Thwaites.

Or better Bank Top

(and we all know lancashire really includes Manchester and Liverpool)
The "some counties" I was referring to is Yorkshire.
Full disclosure - Lancashire born, exiled in Yorkshire for 37 years.
I did wonder.
Happy Lancashire day then.
I agree - Lancashire doesn't make much of a thing about it - doesn't have Yorkshire's PR.
And was of course chopped back to a mainly rural place.
I think it fair to say though that Lancashire has had a massive influence on modern world history.
It truly was once the centre of the world (tho that of course involved lots of bad stuff)
This is where I was born.



Not many can say they were born in a stately home!!!🧐
hang about accy - I thought you were moved out before the event/the world shook?

(next time I pass that way I will see if I can sneak through the gates and take a pic with (one of) the bikes.
It's a bit odd and seeing as my mum's no longer here I can't verify it, but if I remember rightly I was born in 2 places. I was half way out, then I got stuck, so they rushed mum and me to Accy Vic' hospital where I was delivered. Or was it the other way round?:unsure: Anyway, technically I was born in 2 different towns!🧐
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