Harlequins (not the rugby team)


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The ladybirds I mean. I can't believe how many have colonised in my old wooden sash window-frames. They're not the cute little bugs that I remember from days of yore either, but aggressive little buggers who crawl over you when you're sleeping and nip you. So I've taken a can of Raid fly-killer to them. Are they like grey squirrels (another American import) in that they don't have any natural predators? I can't help thinking that if their numbers keep increasing at the rate of the last couple of years, then world domination is only a wing-beat away.

Yellow Fang

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It's odd the way they've taken over. I often get them invading my flat, especially during winter. Apart from having more spots, they're a different shade of red than the old 2 spots and 7 spots. I found a dead 2 spot in a vivarium I brought out the loft a year or so ago, and thought it was the first time I'd seen one in years. However, I did see a few of our native ladybirds last summer. It's bad though. They're here to stay, and apparently they eat our native ladybirds.


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Thanks Wafflycat. I'm aware of that survey, but I'm not interested anymore in reporting their advance: I just want to exterminate them (although it looks like Beauveria bassiana could be my weapon-of-choice)!


sacré bleu
Are these 'killer' ladybirds?🤔

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I spotted them half an hour ago.
I think they may be Harlequin ladybirds

I got this from Google…..this is a harlequin and looks like yours.
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