Has anybody ever actually spat tea all over their keyboard?


I read spilled not spat. No.


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Salford, UK
No, but whenever I have spaghetti bolognaise (like tonight) I have to wipe tiny dots of tomato sauce off the screen...


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Ashford, Kent
only once, rather interesting Display Picture in MSN of a friend. I drink tea with about 1KG of sugar in it. so im still trying to get it back to normal


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I started laughing when drinking wine once which resulted in a rather flattering episode of wine coming out of my mouth and nose and all over my screen and keyboard. :laugh: But not tea no...
Errr.... nope. It's just a metaphor isn't it? Like we used to say, "split one's sides": didn't mean the next appointment was major surgery! And as for the phrase "to have kittens" :rofl:...

Mind you, I have upset coffee over my desk - usually it works its way under the piles of papers thereon. Usually as a result of my nodding off at work.:laugh:


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Not a laptop but... Was sitting in a car with two girls, when one of em cracked a joke, just after the driver had swigged out of her can of pop. The ensuing projectile tango had us in stitches for month's to come. She spat it everywhere, all up the windscreen and everything.
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