has anyone else ever smashed into a hairdressers sandwich board?

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...i was using an old specialized road bike given to me by someone in my family (he put it together piece by piece) and the frame was too small, the brakes didnt work very well (i only used the front brake) and i ended up breaking my arm two weeks before christmas 2011 and then on a separate occasion i was going down a hill in bristol city centre behind my wife and my front brake cable snapped and i made the decision of mounting the kirb and smashing into a well known hairdressers sandwich board....i hurt my ankle and wrist and i did this in the name of love....as the alternative was smashing into the back of my mrs!....anyway i was wondering if anyone else has had a collision with something odd??....


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I got taken out by a goose in Chicago whilst cycling around Lake Michigan.


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Not me but a cyclist coming towards me. A deer running along a field beside the road jumped the fence and ran straight into the side of the poor guy. Bike was ok but he had a bit of a dead leg.


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I remember colliding with a woman walking her 2 dogs when I was younger doing a paper round.
Rounded a corner, she saw me and moved to get out the way but unfortunately I went the same way and no time for either of us to correct ourselves.
Just a tangle of dogs bike and people in the bushes :laugh:


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I hope it bought you dinner before asking for sex?
Nah, it was rude as anything and only bought me a six inch Meatball Marinara from Subway.

Still, I was grateful and we enjoyed seconds of passion behind a skip.
I hit a discarded child's scooter a few years ago on a dark winters night.

It was in an unlit area, my lights were only 'be seen' lights hence they didn't illuminate the road ahead, next thing I know I'm on the deck :cursing:

I managed to ride the remaining short distance home holding my now painful elbow.

Anyhoo, a couple of hours later and Mrs S is fed up with my man moaning, so I let her take me to A&E, (to make her better like :whistle:), one x ray later, one broken elbow diagnosed, no bike for 6 weeks after that :cry:

Moral of the story? Buy decent lights or stick to well lit roads :thumbsup:


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Many years ago, crossing the Manchester Ship Canal at Latchford, Warrington and wattching an oil tanker travelling towards Manchester with only inches to spare either side; I hit a sandwich board on the road bearing the legend 'Road Works Ahead'!


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There are some corkers on this thread, please keep them coming. The only thing I have ever collided with was a university lecturer who looked me in the eye then stepped right out into my path. I had no time to brake.
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