Has anyone heard of a Merlini Road Bike ?

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East Anglia
Has anyone heard of a Merlini Road Bike ? I was offered one today by a local shop for only £150. It is brand new ex-display, and the shop reckons it is a one-off, and are having difficulty in selling it. The Frame and Wheels look real good, and the drive-train is the lower end of the Shimano range. The Frame looks very similar to the Bianchi Ducatti and really is quite smart. It's probably worth the £150 just for the Frame alone. What's the catch though, if there is one ?!? I have heard of Merlin Road Bikes of course, but this is definitely a Merlini. Has anyone any experience of or info about them ? :blush:

roshi chris

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Whos the local bike shop? a good one or a crappy Action Bikes type place?
My first guess would be that its a bog-standard Claude Butler or something rebranded for some reason. Check out all the wierd and wonderful bike brands on ebay for that sort of money.

If it was any good they wouldn't be having trouble selling it for 150 squids would they??!
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