Have I forgotten how to ride?


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Two times now after coming back from my holiday I have made a massive cock-up on a roundabout.

First was yesterday when someone wasnt exactly going slow but they were taking care at going around a roundabout with their signal on. I was approaching and for come reason thought in my head "I have right of way" and cut in front of the guy.
Immediately after, I felt guilty and at the next set of lights, appologised to the guy. He was okay with it.

The second was today as I was behind a car who entered the roundabout, I just didnt look around myself at all. I was concentrating too much on the planes at the Rhyl Airshow. Once again I appologised and explained that I wasnt concentrating and then when I turned around, the traffic had moved off. I muttered to myself "NOT CONCENTRATING!".

I am utterly devastated that I am being this careless and inconsiderate. Why have I forgot all of a sudden? When cycling in France I was taking a lot of care on the roundabouts because the French have a habbit of just darting out and not even touching the brakes.

I need a good slap and to seriously concentrate more.


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Yes you need a good slap :thumbsup:


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Stop watching the planes. I was there Saturday most of the day, and watched them today from near Ffrith, on the coast (we stopped cycling to watch). Heh heh.
You chaps who take weeks to lose your ability are amateurs. I am on an altogether higher plane.

I can be crap within ten minutes of my last ride. To be honest, I am crap in the middle and at the end of most rides.

In fact, crap is a level of riding I aspire to.

So if your ability takes a week or two to diminish, don't come whining to me!


Aye, it's normal when you're off the road for a few days Matthew.
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