Have I made the right decision…..


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I know the obvious answer is whatever works for you; however, your opinions would be appreciated.
I’m going for the Planet X pro carbon on a cycle to work scheme. I originally bought the sram force with mechanical discs. I noticed they had the sram rival with hydraulic brakes on offer. I could have gone for the hydraulic force but really couldn’t be faffed with redoing the cert & the offer finishes Tuesday. As far as I can tell the only difference between force & rival is a bit of weight (carbon v Ali components I guess?).
Have I done the right thing? Is a hydraulic rival better than a mechanical force.
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I have no idea - just replying to wish you well and congratulate you on your new bike!!


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What, him or what he's carrying?
I have both and there's really very little difference in stopping power. Modulation is a little better with hydraulic.
Him, they are cheap mechanicals, where as his summer bike has Dura Ace rim breaks which he feels are better...

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This is one of the grass is greener questions. Don’t second guess your decision. Rarely is a bike for life. Ride the bike you’ve bought. At some point in future you’ll replace it. You can then decide on spec once more.
I suppose what kind of riding you are doing will affect things. With my road bike with mechanical rim brakes I don't see any advantage of my gravel bike with hydraulics on road but I suppose off road I would. But given the on road bike never goes off road I've no urge to rush out and replace it with a bike with hydraulic brakes.
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