Haven't seen this before (Crash)


Usually when people go over the bars they land on their head, this guy's very lucky. Very good riding from the guy behind to avid him as well.



Very impressive swerve!


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Ooooocha! Dramatic gymnastics by the bike - must have got to 10+ ft. i can't make my mind up - either he was not paying attention or misjudged the nature of the debris. Simple bunny hop at the speed would have worked a treat. Plenty time to see it and react.


I was once very stupid and did not keep my head up this summer.

I, as I was riding along, was looking to my left and not ahead. I failed to see the parked van... When I eventually did look up, there was a brief moment of "Ooooooh sh*t!" Before I jammed on the brakes, and came to a sliding, tyre-tread leaving, halt. Inches from the rear of the van - which just so happened to have a steel bar across the back and a closed door..
'This is going to hurt': Byron Bay cyclist talks through spectacular crash

It was a time trial, the rider is 55 but only bruised! and his Canyon is destroyed.

He seems pretty chirpy about the whole thing.


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Yes, that rider was VERY lucky not to have been seriously injured or even killed!

There seems to have been a complete lack of observation/communication from the rider with the rear-facing camera! Surely he should have spotted that debris and called out a warning?

Taylor said:
The roads are really bad around Byron Bay and there is debris on the road.

We always have a camera for insurance purposes, in case of a crash.
Er, if you know that there is likely to be debris lying in the road, how about ...
  • Riding somewhere safer?
  • Being very careful to watch out for debris?
  • Warning the people behind you when you do spot something?
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