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I guess this might be a case of closing the stable door after the horse has bolted, but do any of you guys own or have any experience of the Vivitar DVR 794HD action cam?

I'd been looking at the GoPro range for a while, and during my research I happened to see the Vivitar advertised. Argos had it for £59.99, and with a 16gb memory card throw in the whole deal was just under £80.00.

As the model number would imply, it is an HD unit. It has a 12MP sensor. It's supplied with a bike mount, helmet mount and a waterproof casing. To get a comparable GoPro on paper, I'd be looking at spending around £200 at least.

Haven't had an opportunity to try it out yet, but have subsequently seen a couple of reviews that question its quality. Having said that, I've seen quite a few that sing the unit's praises.

I guess the proof of its credentials will become apparent when I finally get to use it, but any opinions or user experiences would be appreciated. I guess at only £60.00 it won't be the end of the world if the unit turns out not to be up to much though.

Wobbly John

Looks similar to the SJ4000, which can be bought cheaper - even the Wifi version.

There are a lot of SJ4000 clones about, however.
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