Heart problems in young(er) pro cyclists

I was reading today about the death of 23 year old Jimmy Duquennoy due to cardiac arrest, which comes just a few days after 20 year old Tanguy Turgis announced he was giving up cycling due to heart problems. 23 year old Michael Goolaerts died earlier this season due to cardiac arrest when riding Paris-Roubaix.

It's good that testing has helped Turgis make the right decision to stop, however Duquennoy and Goolaerts both apparently showed no issues when testing was carried out. Is the testing not rigorous enough or is it just "one of those things" which happens to a lot of young men? One of my friends died suddenly of cardiac arrest aged 20, so I know it does happen but I would have thought testing would pick these things up.
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It's slightly worrying isn't it. My understanding of things is sketchy but I believe most athletes, especially elite, will potentially return odd ecg traces, odd that is, compared to the rest of us. I don't know what the testing involves, I would have thought they could identify most heart defects with an echo. It seems not though

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