Hello 58 years Old UK New to Cycling HELP


Any advise or help appreciated , after years of sitting on my arse , except for walking the dogs 5 or 6 miles 3 time a week , decided need to change lifestyle . no booze for 4 weeks better diet lost a stone in weight. I have just purchased a Cannondale quick 8 Hybrid been on a couple short rides on cycle ways away from roads , enjoyed it but the next step up I am unsure of . Purchasing a relatively low cost Turbo trainer and plan to ride at least one day at the weekend over the winter and 2 or 3 evenings for an hour on the turbo trainer provided I don't die trying.

Anyone else started cycling at similar age

I live North Midlands Stoke area


Little and often when you start. Little and often. It's really important to break your body in gently, and your bum will be an issue for at least the first 100 or 150 miles. Don't get wrapped up in the idea of more and more, better and better kit. Just get the right clothes, and get out and ride. When you're doing 100 miles a week, you'll be able to answer the questions you've just asked without reference to anyone else. That's all the bike you'll ever need unless you're seriously into off-roading, so just spend some hours on it, and get used to riding on the road.

Oh, and welcome to the forum.


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Allow plently of time for recovering beteen rides and don't up the distance too quickly and you will be fine - but that applies at any age. Main thing is enjoy yourself becaus then you will keep doing it. Well done on the lifestyle change and weight loss it isn't easy. Good luck and welcome.


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Stroud, glos
Convert it to an ebike ... I'm KIDDDDDDDING!!!! I'm a beginner, scared of roads and traffic but it's great out there. Just enjoy yourself :hello::bicycle:
Being new myself, I suffer from road and track envy. Everyone seems to have better routes than me!


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Hi @Grumpygit , seems like a similar story me, I took up cycling about 4 years ago at 56 y.o. for the same reasons as you, to lose weight, get fit(ter), wear lycra and to get admiring glances of my well honed thighs (I'm kidding about the last one). At first a ride of a few miles was a significant achievement but as @MikeG said a little and often and results will surely come. I also quit the booze, eat a sensible diet and soon started to loose weight and get fitter and after about a year or so I was probably fitter than any other time in my life. Just get out and enjoy the fresh air and exercise, it soon becomes addictive, I get really edgy if I don't get out on my bike at least once a week!

Good luck and welcome, if you've got any questions don't be afraid to ask!


Is't far you ride?
Welcome Grumpy!
Here'a a suggestion: Buy an Ordnance Survey map of your local area and set off on short circular routes from home, using the yellow roads. Walk up the hills when you need to. Stop and admire the views, have a picnic with a flask and a pack-up, take photographs, take your time, listen to the birds. Weight loss and improved fitness will be an incidental bonus. Enjoy your bike....


Thanks all . Aldi cycling offers this weekend for me then ! Lights, padded leggings waterproof hi viz
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