Hello from Florida


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Florida, USA
Hi, y'all. I'm in the USA but born in London, England, and moved to Delaware in 1978. Now retired in Florida. I ride two bikes: a Specialized Fatboy and an Electra 7D Lux beach cruiser. I ride 8 miles every day and more in the winter months because Florida is too hot to ride longer distances. I like to ride around our county and see new things.

Started working life as a brickie after serving a 5-years apprenticeship. Hated it and eventually became a welder. Then in the US I got into carpentry and went back to school for electrical. I got my state electrical license and started a small business.

Married (to the same woman) for 54 years, and have two daughters and numerous granddaughters. I like to ride to keep fit, and I do all my own wrenching after buying three new bikes from a bike shop that were all botched up and ended up fixing, myself.


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Great intro Charley Farly - did you marry Piggy Molone? :laugh:
Welcome to CC - have a nice day... :okay:
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