hello from jockland

Hi decided to join as after many years crashing cars and now loosing workshop decided to get back into trying to kill myself on a bike lol hope your all good



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Hi and :welcome: to the forum from another Mark in Jockland! Dunfermline to be precise - where are you based?


:hello: staffie258 and :welcome: to CycleChat ! :wahhey:

Nice cycling round there - watch out for the 160km 3 Glens Explorer audax riders on Sunday - they'll be the wet :rain: , bedraggled :wacko: , laughing :angry: riders passing through around midday. :crazy:

Give them a cheery wave ! :biggrin:

ps I will not be one of them ... :sad:


hi and welcome mark


Hi and thanks for the warm welcome. i have one staffie thats enough hes nuts. my mate has 6 staffies and he show them and as we raced together for a giggle we had staffie motorsport on cars and i thought it be a good user name lol. yeah loads of good cycling here hence i thought i would get back into it although still got a lot to learnits been about 15 years since i had a bike so i bought a saracen tufftrax to see if it was a good move after getting wrong frame size and spending money on forks pedals wheels brakes etcnow want a new frame. my mates got a cube and i had a shot and decided i would try to get a frame but no luck as yet but looking at a ex hire cube analog i can upgrade with bits i have and should be a decent bike

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Nice! We have a 3 legged Staffie that we got at Cardonald when she was 11 months old.

She'd been in a car accident we were told, but even then the 3 legs didn't stop her! She's also a Pedigree and we think she had been intended for show, but when she lost her leg..... Well, you get the idea.

She's now 8 by the way.
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