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I just posted in another thread about something similar and because I'm lazy I'll just quote myself :/

I used to use a low power rear light on my helmet but it doesn't really add anything imo, I now have a few very small pieces of red reflective tape there to to reflect back a few dots of light which can conceivably aid in judging distance.

Stuff like this tape is very versatile and can be used in extremely small pieces so as not to make you look ridiculous but still provide a good passive source of light when headlamps are hitting them.

A bit off topic now, but what I feel is useful is one of these mounted on the front using one of these and a rubber shimmy. On low, it is easily dim enough to use in an urban environment without dazzling and can be briefly pointed towards risks like vehicles waiting to turn, whilst in rural unlit areas you can use it on high to see with so long as you avoid pointing it at anyone.

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As a high mileage driver, a lot of it in town, I disagree with crazyjoe about the usefulness of rear helmet lights; they're often the 1st indication that there's a cyclist ahead. Lower mounted lights often get lost in the sea of car rear lights. Something flashing, high up really stands out IME.
Following my own advice, I use one of these on one helmet:- http://road.cc/content/review/142190-cateye-rapid-mini-rear-light

On my other helmet I've got one of these:- https://www.decathlon.co.uk/vioo-100-rear-led-bike-light-blue-id_8322801.html

The Decathlon light works well and is very easy to fit but I hate the profligacy of its disposable batteries. That's why I bought the Cateye when I got a new helmet.

I also use a headtorch to give a front light. I think it helps when I look over my shoulder (drivers can see my head moving) plus it's useful for map reading (if anyone still does this) and fixing punctures etc. I have the Alpkit Gamma:- https://www.alpkit.com/products/gamma-3
Normally I just use the small, white LED on the front.
There is a red light on the battery pack but I don't think it's bright enough. I've only used it when I've been leading the Manchester-Morecambe FNRttC and only then so that following riders can identify me.
Alpkit say that the Gamma isn't suitable for rechargeable AAAs but I've used Eneloops in both of mine for several years without problems.


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I suppose I feel that it makes no difference if someone sees me a car or two ahead or not as long as the vehicle behind me can see me.

edit: but that's a bit off topic and doesn't help choose a light, justbsome context.
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