1. Mapster1989

    1000 lumen light with GoPro mount connection?

    It’s that time of year when we all need lights. And I’m in the market for a new one. I’m looking at around 1000 lumens and a budget of around £150 (max).It needs to have the go pro mount connection as my I want it to sit under my wahoo out front mount which has that connection on it rather...
  2. T


    Found out last night that the dynamo (AXA HR traction dynamo) on my bike does not work!! Thinking of stripping it down and going for battery lights!! But which ones? Around where I live is very very dark, no road lighting. Would be nice to be able to be seen!! Appreciate your help/advice TC
  3. E

    Temporary Traffic Lights

    Hi all I am talking about the sort of thing we have in the UK to control traffic round road works I have had a few problems with them over the last few months and I was wondering if others have the same issues The problem has been that, although starting off as soon as the lights go green - by...
  4. S

    Light bracket/mount question

    Hi I wish to replace or modify the bracket/mounts my Cateye lights came with. (see photos - two types : square plate / mount type and a narrower slide/clip plate / mount type) Refering to the photos - could someone advise if these types of plate/mount connectors are generic and universal and...
  5. funk2monk

    Pifco lights

    Acquired these lights which are period for some of my bikes. Originally used P800 batteries which are no longer available. I’ve seen adaptors which can be inserted and then AA batteries fitted. Any one done this? Also looking to replace front light glass as this is cracked. Again looking for...
  6. slowmotion

    Lights for a Brompton

    I know nothing about Bromptons, but somebody not a million miles away is taking delivery of one in the next six weeks or so. It will be used mainly for pootling about London, the odd ride in the country, but no midnight dashes through rocks and stumps and other daft stuff requiring Hermann...
  7. eldridge

    Cree lights

    Hi folks I have a few Cree front lights the light is great but the batteries are not so. I’ve stripped one down and the thin tin strips have snapped or worn through, is there anyway to repair these? or do folks know of a more sturdy battery? thanks for any pointers Eldridge.
  8. Chris S

    Bicycle lights

    Could anybody recommend some bicycle lights that don't go out when you hit a bump?
  9. C

    For Sale: Assorted Items (Lights, Multitool etc)

    Hi all, I have the following items for sale which I no longer require since I have had to give up cycling on health grounds. I am open to offers for single or multiple items. I am located near Alfreton, J28 of the M1 or I could arrange postage for an extra cost. Items For Sale Are Listed...
  10. swee'pea99

    Who turns out lights in your house?

    For all the crap we take about ruining 'their' future, I have to say that in our house there's only one person who turns off unnecessary lights. No spoilers, but da yoot it ain't...

    QNT Front Lights Relocation

    In anticipation of a fairing arriving in the next few days I needed to relocate my front lights. Had a bit of free time this morning so I manufactured a couple of brackets from some old bits of aluminium tube I had lying around the workshop and an old M10 bolt. They're designed to attach to the...
  12. confusedcyclist

    Soldering dynamo wiring to LED lights?

    After 3 years of reliable service, the exposed wiring that leads from my front dynamo lamp to the rear (B+M Secula) LED light became brittle and snapped in two. The exposed wiring is really thin copper, I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did! Road vibrations have killed it at last. I had to...
  13. mangid

    Big Thumbs Up For Exposure Lights

    I run an Exposure TraceR and the tab on the silicone ring ripped off the other day. Sent a query on Tuesday evening asking if they sold them. Got a response on Wednesday morning asking for pictures so they could Identify the correct replacement. Got home Thursday evening and there was a first...
  14. KneesUp

    Generic LED lights - what connector?

    I have one of those LED lights from China (mounted low enough so as not to melt windscreens) but the cable on the battery is faulty, so I want to chop out the damaged section of cable because it's far too long anyway. However, I can't find the correct socket anywhere. I could change the plug...
  15. Rooster1

    Christmas Lights

    This is in reading, near me.... Knob ends. Literally
  16. simon the viking

    Won some lights!

    Some regulars may remember I have a hobby of writing to magazines, hopefully to get on the letters page and obviously to win some booty by getting letter of the month accolade. I hadn't written to a magazine for around 18 months (winning a helmet..... behave all of you....) so.... I thought I...
  17. U

    Lights and Power Packs

  18. T4tomo

    Puig Major Mallorca, lights?

    Heading there this coming weekend, do you need lights through the tunnel or is it relatively straight and short. TIA
  19. Slick

    British Cycling New Smart Lights.

    Couldn't see if this has already been posted but thought it worthy of discussion, although I know there will be a few who will argue that it's Beelzebub. :rolleyes:
  20. Sjw

    Rear lights position

    With a bag in the back on a rack, where do I put the lights? Got two on the rack bracket but one rattles. Should i put it on the bag? The rack has thin horizontal struts. The bag blocks the seat and seat tube. I'll take a pic
  21. r04DiE

    Rear lights that can be mounted on seatstays and angled the way you want them.

    Hello all, Do any of you have favourite rear lights like this? I would like rear lights for my seatstays that I can angle, rather than having them point up in the air! Thanks :)
  22. M

    Lights for city + occasional dark track

    Picking up my new bike this week, need to sort out lights. For the rears I'm thinking the cateye mini as it seems to be compatible with the brompton to fit in the gap under the seat. OK choice or are there others that can also attach there? (Or should I consider attaching/replacing the...
  23. U

    Rear Lights

  24. thunderlips76

    front lights

    hi there, looking for a good high lumen front light that can attach to a k-edge out in front mount (gopro). any suggestion?. would prefer on that is USB chargeable as opposed to a battery pack. cheers
  25. florencethnurse


    newbie, new bike got most of the kit but lights seem like a bit of a minefield so many different types any recommendations for me and the OH he is a road cyclist and is more Likley to be cycling at night than me but obviously to be safe we both want lights he has a ribble sportive road bike and...
  26. T

    Dynamo powered lights

    Who remembers them ? ,, Shame there isn't a dynamo system for charging phones , whilst your out on the bike
  27. Lien Sdrawde

    Waterproofing water resistant lights

    Has anyone any experience of waterproofing lights that are only sold as water resistant? Currently looking at these as I have chosen to have (rechargeable) AA battery power.
  28. Yellow Fang

    Northern lights?

    I made a time-lapse video of the view from my kitchen window. Annoyingly the snow did not last long, but there was something interesting going on in the sky the first night. Were they the northern lights?
  29. johnnyb47

    Would you dare to cycle with these lights lol.

    Hi again. I was doing a little Christmas shopping today when I came across some JML wheely bright lights being sold in the local shop in town. From a safety point of view they look very impressive and would be a big hit with the youngsters, but would you dare to be seen with these on your bike...
  30. G

    Really good bright front and back lights for road cycling - preferably USB rechargeable

    Hi there Can anyone recommend really good bright lights - front and back for road cycling (ones that I can strap onto the bike using the rubber strap thingy, rather than a fixed fitting). Preferably USB rechargeable. Thanks J
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