1. gareth01244

    Electron Terra evo 2 front lights

    I have a set of Electron Terra evo 2 rechargeable front lights that I bought about a year ago to put on my sons bike for a few night rides. They have only been used twice and so are up for sale. They put out 320 lumens between them so are good enough for off road use as well as having a flash...
  2. Hitchington

    Creative Christmas lights

    Sort of NSFW
  3. Snorrarcisco

    Lights and Reflectors

    According to the RVLR one requires a front and back lamp flashing or not flashing according to some limitations but what puzzles me is the following it claims one needs rear reflector (i assume this could be on the person or bike mounted) but also one needs 4 pedal reflectors. Now how do you go...
  4. glenn forger

    Jeremy Vine "Have you been blinded by bike lights?"

    Is it me or are the attacks on cyclists getting rampant? Nobody's been "blinded" by bike lights. Almost all are a tenth the strength of car headlights. Watchdog last night showed that if you so much as get on a bike you will smash your head open within seconds, they switched to a lensed camera...
  5. Andrew_Culture

    Potential bike lights bright enough to see what others had for breakfast

    So someone has rigged up a 1,000 watt CREE light: View: Could be really handy for the Dun Run.
  6. U

    Car Lights Question

  7. young Ed

    replacement charger for the cree t6 bike lights

    now it's getting darker earlier i've dug out the old cree t6 bike light (yes i realise cree t6 is just a type of cree LED but i just mean that popular bike light like below) anyways, i've found the light and the 2 batteries but just not the charger, searched high and low and still no sign of...
  8. Igor73

    Head Lamps

    Hi all, I've managed to get a decent front light which is quite bright, adjustable and does a reasonable job of lighting the way ahead, but a couple of sections of road I ride at night are completely in the dark, these are unavoidable on my commute and quite frankly even when I'm riding...
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