Helmet on a recumbent


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I didn't wear a helmet on the df, as it seems to encourage motorised idiocy, but I do on the QNT because I feel distinctly aware that my head is at bumper level. And the 'oddness' of the trike balances out the driver tendency to (generally unconsciously) drive closer to a helmet wearing cyclist.

Does make your head bigger though, so bigger target, thus more likely to get head injury?

My husband got rear ended on his df on the way home once, still has the scar in his scalp where he caught the driver's windscreen wipers.... Blood everywhere. Wonder how that would have gone if he'd been wearing a helmet? Lack of scar? Or would the depth of helmet poking off the back of his head have caused a neck injury?

His mum was riding with him. Made her become a helmet rider, but now she is *cinvinced* drivers get closer to her. But she's scared to not wear it in case she's imagining that.

My husband still doesn't wear a helmet, but our 2yo on the back of his bike does because whilst they're that young their adjustable are still weak, so even if the husband only fell over on ice or something the little one may suffer a bad head injury.

Sorry, war and peace there.

I've thought a lot about it because I always got challenged at work (nuclear industry, very safety in your face, even when it's blatantly daft)

I do always make myself as obvious as possible with high vi's *everything*, though. Because I would rather not rely on motorists doing what they're supposed to. (they're often not, in my experience.... It was a taxi driver ploughing me off my df which gave me by bad knee)


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Cannot be bothered with them. Anyway they get in the way of the headrest. On a 'bent your elbows are the vulnerable bits. I sometimes think I should wear skateboarders' elbow pads.
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