Help me rescue a bike?


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Yesterday I decided to clean up my brother's old 24inch bike (He's now 15 and nearly 6ft so it hasn't been used for a few years!) to see if it was worth selling as it's just taking up space in the garage.

It also has a puncture, and I don't have any inner tubes in that size, but not problem, I can get some. However I'm not too confident about taking the wheel off as it is not quick release. I wasn't really looking but I think it has V brakes, not discs.

The brake handles also feel a bit stiff- is it ok to put a bit of lube in or is this a bad idea?

More problematic- The chain was obviously dry as the sahara desert, and even a bit muddy (though not as bad as I was expecting, given the amout of bike abuse in our household!) It has now been cleaned and lubed- not spotless by any means, but no longer shame inducing at least, but I can still hear a sort of dry grinding noise coming from the cassette or nearby when I spin the pedals backwards (I haven't tried listening for it when the pedals are going forwards). I tried adding a decent amount of lube directly onto the cassette, but it did not make any difference and I'm concerned that something internal might have rusted? (is that possible? because that's what it sounds like)

I know nothing about bike maintenance so please explain things simply!


YouTube has videos that cover just about anything you'd ever want to do to (or with) a bike and quite a lot of things you wouldn't!

cjhoyle posts good videos on there that are down to earth and clearly explained. Follow the link and scroll down to the 'bike maintenance' section.


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The grease that is packed into the wheel bearings at the factory has almost certainly dried out after all these years that your brother owned it, and that may be the reason why there is a grinding sound coming from the rear wheel. If the wheel wobbles when you hold the blke steady and pull the wheel from side to side then the bearings will need adjustment as well as fresh grease.There is no easy way to do this on a rear wheel because you will need a special tool to get the gear cassette off.
.How To Replace Bike Wheel Hub Bearings:



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Oh dear that's the sort of thing I was afraid of :sad:

I think I will leave it a few weeks and attempt it as a summer project once my exams are finished.
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