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Charlotte's Tandems

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Charlotte's Tandems is a charity that lends tandems and tag-along bikes for free to people with disabilities or additional needs, so that they can enjoy the wonders of cycling on the open road.

I've found out this evening that our Helper in Hertfordshire has just moved abroad. He has three of our tandems and a tag-along in his fleet and we need someone to take over from him. The role involves arranging our Borrowers to collect the bikes from you and then you receive the bikes back, typically two or three months later. We try to make sure that the bikes are with borrows for the most of the time, so that you don't have to store them much.

Do you know of anyone in or around Hertofrdshire that would like to do this role? Our Helpers who get stuck into the role really enjoy meeting the Borrowers and helping them enjoy cycling. Have a look at our website,, and see full details of what we do.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please contact me via our website, .

Best wishes, Alex

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Charlotte's Tandems

Charlotte's Tandems

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Still looking for Helpers in Northern Ireland and in Hertfordshire/Buckinghamshire/Bedfordshire, so that we can continue to lend out tandems in these areas.

Please get in touch if you know someone who can help us.


Have you tried Facebook?
Or contacting the local council, they may be able to put you in touch with volunteers.
Also worth trying church groups.
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