Help to give up smoking??


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Hi folks.

I've finally decided to give up the dreaded ciggies after years of grief from the boss:biggrin:

I've been 2 days so far without a cigerette and seem to be handling it ok. I'm pretty sure that this is going to get worse over the next few days and just wondering if anyone has any tips or info that may help me to stick at it??

I'm not using anything to help at the minute as i would rather try good old will power.

Any words of wisdom or tips would be gratefully recieved folks

Cheers in advance;)

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Zyban from the docs. Don't bother f'in about with anything else. Simples.


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Drink loads of fluids. Anything really, and all the time. That includes beer!

Chewing gum just prolongs the pain, in my experience, and reminds you of what you might be missing as regards oral stimulation.

Very best luck.

Edit: Stick to cold drinks, and avoid coffee if you can..


I found that the tough bit at the beggining was ok. It's a fight but it's meant to be hard type thing. I failed when I stupidly thought I was over it so could ' just have the one '. Before I knew it I was back on 40 a day. In the end I just felt so bad I stopped again and havnt looked back.

Focus on the all the good things about being smoke free. It takes time but the change in fittness and aerobic ability is amazing.

Good luck.
You'll get as many different ideas on what's the best way to give up as there are ex smokers, and they'll all claim to be the only way to do it. Do whatever seems to be working for you. Will power worked for me.
The only thing I would add is that you'll always be a smoker on some level. It's never safe to "just have the odd one".
Good luck!
Good luck, BTW! :tongue:


Best of luck. If you fall off the cigarette wagon, treat it as an exception and move on determined not to have another. Don't let it be a reason to have a second. Or a third. We all make mistakes, just learn from them. Take each day at a time and keep yourself busy. Finding a project might help.


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The GF and I gave up 16 weeks and £800 better off ago. I found the Minty lozenges and chewing gum good but she couldn'e get on with either. She had tried Zyban years ago and it didn't help at all. Being a Yorkshire man I think that keeping track of how much I would have spent has been a lot of incentive if I felt the urge.
Now when I'm out and see folks putting those rolled up bits of leaves in their mouths and setting fire to them I think they look a little silly.
Good luck kicking the weed.


I quit after 45 years and may attempts. I went on a NHS stop smoking group and was prescribed Champix. Thanks to Champix I quit with no cravings, no side effects and no problems. As I was over 60 an added benefit was that my prescriptions were free!! Two and a half years later I am still a non smoker.


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Stay away from alcohol for as long as you can. That was always the reason for me starting again. Managed it after 6 attempts. That was 11 years ago. . . .and I still occassionally fancy one.


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I packed up smoking, two weeks later I was diagnosed with emphysema:sad: I'm still here ten years later, but I now have to ride more slowly now. You know it makes sence to stop so best of luck
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