Help with my Kettler Ergoracer PC connection


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I believe someone posted a similar request for help last year but there was not much response so I'm trying again as I have the same issue. I have a Kettler Ergoracer stationary bike and I would like to connect it to a PC to use the updated programs from Kettler available from

I did contact Kettler UK about the supported Ergo Conzept software but this takes over control of the bike computer and you need to ride using the PC and I just wanted to update the factory shipped programs and it appears this method isn't supported any more but they still have the spreadsheets on their site.

I found a way to remove the sheet protection from the spreadsheet so in theory I would be able to update the program wattage ratings in the spreadsheet and create my own bespoke programs but connecting it to the serial connector on the bike has failed.

I have tried using a USB to serial cable and the driver for this appears to work fine, I can set the serial port to emulate via USB but the Kettler software can't see the bike.

I would be interested to see if anybody else has tried even if this is a straight serial to serial since I might consider trying this but I would need to move my main computer to the bike since my laptop only has USB but it seems like hard work.



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Could be all sorts of issues - have you 'tested' it with your main pc..... does it work with the older software ?


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Well I finally managed to get my laptop to see the bike with a new USB to serial cable. Not sure what was wrong with the original cable but before I gave up I thought I would try a new cable from Maplin and if that didn't work then nothing was going to.

The original was an E-bay purchase and I know same cables are wired differently and the driver is very important since it has to emulate a serial port.

So I can now use the spreadsheets to update the buult in programs and I believe I can modify these by removing the sheet protection in Excel.

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