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Same here, thunderstorms and a brief heavy spell of rain, now just a gentle shower. Very welcome indeed, and whilst it's cooler now it's more humid and sticky.

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Started raining here about 2 hours ago. Fantastic. We are desperare for rain. Our large pond is less than half full and the fish are all at the top gasping for air even though we bought a solar powered airator. This rain will be very welcome for the fish and will oxygenate it although to re-fill the pond we will need it to rain non stop for about 2 weeks. No chance of that though.

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Whitley Bay has had a few showers here and there, but nothing major, though there are rumblings which may or may not be thunder.

My folks in Baldersby have had two huge storms apparently, but that's not really cleared the air.


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[QUOTE 5328572, member: 259"]The ground was baked so hard here, that even though we had a deluge, most of it just ran off, as it wasn't able to be absorbed into the ground. Lots of flooded cellars here last night. The lawn's still as hard as rock, even though it was standing under a couple of cm of water last night.[/QUOTE]
I've been watering the flower beds, so they might absorb it - if it comes! Lawn is still brown and solid. We live on a shallow hill, so I'm not bothered about flooding (no cellar, either). It might at least fill up the water butts again!
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