Here she is


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With the help of Ian and Norm I present my new Secteur Elite chuffed to bits.

Initial thoughts on first ride for 10 years

Ouch saddle
Hills suck
Tail winds rock
Why the f**k did I go this way this hill is 2 miles long
Thank f**k this thing came with a triple
S**t this is scary going 33mph
:biggrin: another hill I need to lose 4 stone ( I knew that anyway that's why I brought the bike he he)

Great bike but it was supposed to come with 25cc but it came with 23cc ( would there of been a big difference )and a rival saddle instead of avatar personal i prefer the look of the saddle I got .


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Nice bike and don't worry about the tyres, you would have replaced them with 23mm anyway.


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Nice. I notice they have changed the paint scheme of the Elite since I originally bought mine last September...
You won't notice a difference with the tyres.

Oh yeah.. that plastic disc on the rear wheel... it's gotta go...!


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+1 on getting rid of the plasticy bit(think of the weight saving;)) I changed to 23's and you won't notice any difference really.
Nice bike,and norm's wages go up again:biggrin:


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Yay! :biggrin: Yet another! I think I may have sold one on the climb up Archway this evening. Got chatting half way up the hill after I stopped hitching a lift and offered to return the favour. Sounds like he fancied the Elite for the 105 kit. I personally went for the colour before the kit and got the white Secteur Sport. :biggrin:


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kilf said:
the reflector thingy?
No the spoke protector.


That top tube makes it look as if the bike is about to pounce.
No it doesn't it makes it look like a dog having a poo. :thumbsup:

Just kidding it looks lovely kilf. I'm sure you'll have many happy miles together.

PS: welcome to the forum.
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