Here's one I prepared earlier: Children's Cycling

Discussion in 'Family and Recreational Cycling' started by mickle, 27 Feb 2012.

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    Thanks for that!
    Am about to invest in a new bike for my son and up until now I've always bought him a cheaper bike, just as you described...
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    Loved this! I'm hoping to let my son ride to school on his bike, and me on mine (when I get one). I think we'll enjoy these rides together. I've also enquired about a local bikeability course for both of us to go on, since although I know how to ride a bike etc, I think it would be good for us both to have training on how to ride safely from someone qualified to give said training. I'm looking forward to it!
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    Excellent thread. And I think the quote above hits the nail firmly on the head. THIS should be the nexus of cycle campaigning! Getting kids riding bikes must be normalised. I take my hat off to anyone who trusts their kids to cycle around town on their own.

    If anyone's interested I've written a picture book for kids on this very subject, entitled "Young Bikers Cycle to School".

    You can see it here:
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    That's a good thread. I didn't give any thought to the balance bike for my 2 young boys who have just recently made the transition from stunt scooters to bikes. My wife does not drive so the morning commute to schools is a mile cycle/scooter ride. We have some beautiful cycle trails within a short drive from my house. Can't wait until we can all do it as a family.
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    Go for it, mate!

    There's only one crucial health warning missing.

    By God, you MISS it once the kids are grown up and left home!

    Trying to persuade the older ones to get their acts together with their respective partners, so I can teach THEIR kids. But, damn'em, they're resisting. Seem to think there are other priorities in life.
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    Wise guy your little one!
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    No need to look at anything else, exactly what i was looking for, cheers mate
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    Bit of a thread resurrection but as usual a great post by @mickle . :bravo:
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