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    Ask away!
    My partner had great success using a series of Burley trailers which she rode into the ground through sheer mileage. She's now on her third and hopefully final one. These she used in combination with a kiddy-back tandem, so that, one by one each of her four kids moved from the trailer to the tandem and then to their own bike. You've another 18/24 months until your eldest child is too big to take by trailer regularly. Another possible solution is the use of one of the many 'Bakfiets' (box bike) cargo bikes on the market (though expensive to buy they do retain their value) or perhaps something like this:


    It's a confusing area, compounded by the fact that there aren't many of these things on the road so we aren't (as a nation) very familiar with what's available - and then we have to imagine how variant might fit into our lives. It's no wonder that people give up and resort to their cars.

    One of the hurdles you might face is simply getting your hands on a bicycle trailer which can convert into a buggy. We tried to source one in the summer and were told by the supplier that - due to a recent change in the law, they'd had to remove their trailers from sale. The reason he gave was that buggies (and therefore anything which converts into a buggy) must comply with EC interior furnishing fire retardant legislation. Now I've never heard of a bicycle trailer bursting into flames, but I can imagine a buggy, if left to close to a source of heat, might pose a serious risk to a child. So, for a while there you couldn't buy a buggy/trailer convertible, though the situation might have changed in recent months.
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    Brilliant this mickle. Almost wish I had kids.
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    My children & grand daughters grew up with bikes having a high profile in their life style.They all tell me they have enjoyable memories involving cycling & I'm hoping to be involved with great grandchildren & bikes.

    My grand daughters have recently discovered boys so cycling is not top of their agenda but it is something that they can return to as & when they choose.Meantime their bikes wait in readiness in the garage with the occassional tyre inflation as required.

    I know it's a cliche but I reckon it's true to say that a family that plays together,stays together.
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    Bike Portal
    Wish a have that kind of bike for my little cousins :smile: they loved bike
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    We've tried quite a few of these devices as the kids have grown - we had a trailer for 2 first of all (tried it at centreparcs and then bought one), then bought a trailer bike as the eldest grew too big for the trailer - then ended up with two trailer bikes - bought ones with 7 gears on as you see the kids on single speed ones with their legs whizzing around - doesn't look like much fun. With a determined kiddie on the back the parent can stop cycling ;-) The kids have grown up loving cycling and one looks like she'll be coming out with dad on longer rides soon. Great fun.
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    In Canada here it is illegal to ride with a baby in a sling. Child protection services would be all over you. If you're going to spend the money to have an upright step through bicycle, why not just buy a proper trailer or bicycle seat? It won't cost you more.

    Except for the bit about riding with a baby in a sling I think your article is excellent. I believe you are less likely to fall while walking than while riding. I've read your replies to others in that vein. As a writer, it's your job to show us with facts and figures that this is just as safe, not the other way around.

    I don't believe confidence ever trumps wisdom.
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