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Heseltine fined for mowing down a cyclist

Discussion in 'Advocacy and Cycling Safety' started by Reiver, 6 Jan 2017.

  1. Reiver

    Reiver Astronaut

    Middle Marches
  2. GuyBoden

    GuyBoden Fat, old bloke, on an old bike, pedalling slowly.


    BBC Quote:
    "Lord Heseltine has been fined £5,000 for knocking a cyclist off his bike.

    Heseltine, who had been driving a green Jaguar car, pulled out of a lane and into the path of the cyclist on the B4525 near Thenford, Northamptonshire, on 19 June.

    The male cyclist had multiple injuries, including a broken arm and shattered knees which required plates and pins.

    On Thursday at Northampton Magistrates' Court the 83-year-old peer pleaded guilty to careless driving.

    Heseltine was also ordered to pay a £170 victim surcharge and £85 costs, a magistrates' court clerk confirmed.

    He was also handed five penalty points on his driving licence."

    Only £5,000 for breaking their arm and shattering their knees:cursing:

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  3. Drago

    Drago Guru

    But it's ok. The cyclist was a labour voter.
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  4. Mort

    Mort Interstellar Overalls

    At least it's good to know the colour of the car and the age of the peer. We used to have to note all that stuff down when I was a cub reporter, plus what the bride's mother was wearing, as that was what the public wanted to know the most - apart from the obituaries of course.
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  5. Drago

    Drago Guru

    Were you trained to describe 18 stone men as 'burly'?
  6. Mort

    Mort Interstellar Overalls

    If he was playing for our rugby team, then yes. If he was playing for the opposing side, then he was merely lumbering.
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  7. Burly applies only to the police. Surely you know that. And has for the best part of a century as Dorothy Parker once said "on the day that that man bites that dog, another frontpage item is going to concern a policeman who is not burly"
  8. 83 year old mows down a cyclist: surely his licence should be suspended until he can prove he is still competent to drive?
  9. dim

    dim Guest

    Cambridge UK
    did they test him for drink/drugs driving?
  10. I was thinking that in fact the fine was actually a lot more than most similar offences incur. Obviously it should be more anyway.
  11. Pale Rider

    Pale Rider Guru

    Fines in magistrates' courts are banded to reflect income.

    One might expect Heseltine to be in the highest band.

    What probably happened, as often does with wealthy defendants, is he will have declined to fill in a means form.

    In those circumstances the magistrates are obliged to assume a high starting point.

    That doesn't cost Heseltine anything because he would have qualified for that anyway.

    The benefit to him is details of his wealth are not disclosed in court.
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