Hi all...newbie 'roadie' here....Triban 3-believe the hype?

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by Widge, 23 Aug 2012.

  1. Widge

    Widge Über Member

    Nice to meet you all and what a great community you have going here!

    I have been in love with bicycles since my teens.
    I have spent most of my life though in gut-churningly hillly Devon so have mostly enjoyed throwing myself off Dartmoor on an MTB which I spent many happy hours building and tweaking.

    I am, sadly, rather unfit now.....i suspect my rocky roots days might be over................(I'm 54) but all this time I have thought...',,,one day, the time will be right for a road bike?'

    Well... I enjoy taking my full sus MTB out on the country lanes-but my word-is it ever HEAVY! It is beautifully set up and responsive but you can't escape the full-up 30lbs weight.


    I look to the webz to see what alternatives might be there.

    Ideally I would like a CHEAP but well sorted lightweight road-bike with the option of attaching touring racks/panniers and a triple ring to get me up the hillls. I bit of a tall order methinks?

    This afternoon I unpacked my mail-order 'Triban3' ....spent 15 mins with a spanner making sure everythin was tight and........

    .........I was out on the lanes having a country blast! Honestly chaps and chappesses (and I know you're sick of hearing it,) What a lot of bike for twoo ninie nine ninety five! I worked out that just the drive chain alone would cost a couple of hundred smackers AND Decathlon send you FREE lights (broken) and chocolate energy bars as welll!.

    The bike ran within minutes of unpacking and is simply stunning. Anybody else here have one?

    The gear indexingis a bit chattery at the moment and the contact points need a bit of fine tuning to fit 100 percent but I am thoroughly converted to the joys of lightweight road-riding and already thinking about some little tours etc. Wish I was a bit fitter.

    Two passing roadies I met in a pub last week told me to 'Go for it' so I took them at their word.

    I'm thrilled.

    All best from a better-late-than never road cyclist.

  2. roadrash

    roadrash cycle chatterer

    sounds like your addicted allready .... enjoy:smile:
  3. RWright

    RWright Veteran

    North Carolina
    Congrats on your new road bike. The fitness will come with time and riding.

    There are other threads on this forum discussing that particular model.
    I haven't seen any Tribans here in the states. I hope you have many happy miles on it. :sun:
  4. MrJamie

    MrJamie Oaf on a Bike

    Decathlon should be paying CC a small percentage fee for the number of Tribans sold off the back of great reviews on here ;)
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  5. biggs682

    biggs682 Smile a mile bike provider

    theres 1 for sale in for sale section of classifieds
  6. defy-one

    defy-one Guest

    Got 1 and totally agree after full flat pedals and better saddle installed
  7. Alex11

    Alex11 Active Member

    South West
    I'm ordering mine in the next couple of days!!!
  8. OP

    Widge Über Member

    Wow. Thanks for the welcome all!

    I didn't mean to come over all 'fan-boy' about the bike btw!!

    I know (just) enough about bicycles to realise how much it has been engineered and built to price. It needs better pedals, saddle (I can't even loosen the thing at the moment) and the wheels and tyres aren't totally orgasmic...but you DO get a lot of bike for the money and a lot of it is very well done IMO.

    The only thing missing from the box were new legs and lungs.

    I'm looking forward to getting out and about on it and chewing the cud here from time to time. As long as you don't laugh at me for having baggy shorts, flat pedals and a Tescos puncture repair kit? We all got to start somewhere?

    All best

  9. They're in the box: you'll see. Just take a couple of months to finish unpacking them.
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  10. Typhon

    Typhon Senior Member

    Hi Widge, congrats on the new bike! I got my Triban 3 just a couple of days ago and like you it was my first ever road bike. It really is fantastic isn't it? I didn't get any chocolate energy bars with mine though, perhaps that's because I collected mine in store and you had yours delivered - although it sounds like it didn't take too much energy for you to put it together!

    Hope your backside, neck and the palms of your hands are coping better than mine are with it! I'll get used to it eventually though, in the meantime I'm just splitting my rides between the old comfy MTB and the new bike, hopefully within a week or two I can move to riding the Triban only. Riding the MTB after the Triban makes it feel like there's a magnet underneath the road, making the bike stick to it!
  11. OP

    Widge Über Member

    Hi Typhon..........

    Wot.....no ENERGY bars?!!..........You were robbed!

    I know what you mean about the old comfy MTB versus the skinny tyred scalpel edged road bike!
    I enjoyed my first quick blast with it today but some of my fillings fell out on the A38.

    Still....you gotta try everything at least once I reckon.....?......(.except line-dancing and Malibu of course!)

    Looks like we're in this together?



    PS jef.......Nope.....been right through the box...no legs. ^_^
  12. Typhon

    Typhon Senior Member

    I'm quite disappointed now I've heard about the energy bars :laugh: At least my lights work though haha.

    Know what you mean about the teeth shaking, got a rude awakening on my first deep pot hole!

    Yep looks like we are in it together, hopefully we will both find those new legs that have been mentioned!
  13. Sullie

    Sullie Member

    Shhh! Im trying to be good & wait till after christmas to buy one,as there are other things that need to get done first like,decorating & carpeting the hallway :sad:
  14. jazloc

    jazloc Über Member

    The Triban would look better in your hallway than a carpet :whistle:
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  15. Globalti

    Globalti Legendary Member

    I've been working on my son's Triban 3 this week following a crash caused when he was distracted by his regular drink bottle jumping out of the Btwin holder - the rigid plastic holders are too big for a standard bottle and are a liability. Having done some dismantling and repairing I can tell you that while the frame, forks and major mechanical components are excellent, the wheels are carp and the gears and brakes not much better. A replacement front wheel costs £24.99 from Decathlon and a RH gear shifter unit costs £49.99! I've just fitted a slightly scuffed takeoff Sora set I got for £40 and they do work a little smoother than the 2300 that's on the bike.
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