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Girl from the North Country
Has anyone tried to make their own pannier to clip onto a rack?

I have a pair of panniers which are great for shopping & general riding. At the supermarket the panniers go into the trolley and I pack straight into them. If I'm shopping in town I leave the panniers on the bike locked up and put shopping in when I get back.

But sometimes it would be nice to have a bag that I could carry with me that looks like a proper bag rather than a pannier and is easy to carry. I see that there are lots of expensive ones that would do. But I don't want to spend that much money for something that I won't need often.

With a bit of googling I see that you can buy replacement hooks for various makes of pannier, e.g. these. So I wonder if it would be possible to take an ordinary bag and fix the pannier hooks somehow. I suppose it depends how the hooks are designed to fix into the bag.

Pat "5mph"

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Hi Anne, have a look at this.
There was another brilliant thread about someone making panniers out of an old leather chair, they looked lovely, but I can't find it anymore.


Girl from the North Country
Thanks Pat. That's exactly the sort of thing I was thinking of. I'm going to look for a suitable bag in a charity shop and see what I can do.

I don't think I can make the bag from scratch tho :smile: I did have a lesson from a proper leather worker once - it all seemed so easy but all I've done since is make half a belt - the half without a buckle!!


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If a bag has a shoulder strap, you can carabiner the hoops where the straps fix to the bag onto saddlebag loops or the side rails of a rack, but you need to take care to open the carabiner fully or put rubber tape over the rail, else it'll damage the finish.


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Many many years my SO of the time worked at a place where they serviced marine life rafts - and as a result could get off-cuts of a heavy rubberised fabric. We did make panniers out of it, but TBH it was a bit of a faff.
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