Hope Hubs


NCE West Wales
I'll apologise for all the wheelset related posts Iv been doing lately but I'm just doing a bit of research before I press the 'click buy it now' button on a new set !
Iv been looking at Ksyriums, Zonda's and RS80/81 as potential upgrades so far, but I am now wondering if I am better off getting a set of wheels built for me using Hope hubs. Iv been online and in a my LBS and they get cracking reviews/ feedback not to mention they sound awesome freewheeling. Iv seen a few wheels made from Mavic Open Pro rims with the Hope Pro hubs but although these are classed as strong reliable wheels, will they be any lighter than my current Mavic CXP22's ? Or will the hub make all the difference regardless of weight ?
Can anyone shed any light on this for me, or offer any advice regarding these hubs?
Thanks in advance
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