How can you make the world a better place ?


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Talking to my 90 year old (barring a few days) mum last night, i said it seems life is so much faster, there's no time, everyone is cream crackered, edgy, fustrated. Reading quite a few posts in this forum, you definately see the edginess, the lack of empathy, understanding. There's a lot of it about, perhaps its the winter...perhaps people are changing for the worse.
Life is faster, especially if you are unable to keep up.


How to save the planet: Stop being so selfish.

The 'I'm alright Jack' attitude is rife in England. It seems to be a Tory attitude explained by my mate as such - "Make sure you are alright first, then you can help others'. You can see the logic behind that if it worked but everyone nowadays is so greedy. They want the newest phone, the biggest car, the smartest clothes, the newest house etc etc. You never get to the point of being alright as you always want more.

As we head towards a more inward looking country and one that has little sympathy for others that are worse off I do despair. I blame the last few Tory Governments - their agenda and rhetoric has been toxic and has devided the country like I've never seen before.

Sad times. I wish I could move away to somewhere where there is less hate (and more sun).
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Some time ago I pondered things that are totally pointless yet take up energy or pollute. Things on list included digital photo frames, big fat noisy, for no reason car exhausts and plug in air fresheners.
The thing is that we are all different and with different intereses, someone might find a digital photo frame quite useful. The world would be a terrible place if everyone was the same, liked the same things, very boring to say the least.

As a society we are split between those that want to have everything, the ones that conclude they don't need everything and certainly those that want you to think you need whatever they are selling. There might be other groups too. Some societies are better equipped to deal with all these variables and some societies don't enjoy the choice, probably the only choice they have is to survive.

Money is the culprit of most things in my opinion, we work really hard for money, we rush around at 90M/h because time is money, sadly, most crimes are commited because of money and the list goes on, but not everything is bad, most things people do for money help society.

If I could change a single thing to make this world a better world I think the key word would be "respect", it seems to me there isn't enough respect in this world, I'd like to think that more respect for human life, respect for other human beings, regardless of gender, colour of their skin, religion, political inclination, etc,etc,etc..... would make this a better world.
Have a look at Maslow Hierarchy Of Needs.A lot of things we want are not needs but wants.We could live without high end cars high end fashion clothing £5000 bikes. I wonder if Maslow reviews his list what it would look like in today’s consumer society.


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I think Vickster sometimes forgets that she was once a chubby, cuddly bouncing baby girl
I was a vile child :laugh: But a delightful adult :whistle:

Seriously though, the world is overpopulated and it's getting worse. People struggle to support their children, it may be 'society's' fault in some way, but 'society' didn't get them pregnant (indeed 'society' in the UK provides free contraception).

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Don't buy stuff you don't need. My T.V. is about 6 years old. My grandson bought a new mobile phone, he gave his old one to his brother and his brother gave me his old one. I in turn gave my old phone to Mr WD. :laugh:

I bought Mr WD a PlayStation 4 for Christmas to replace his old PS3 which was 10 years old.

My dishwasher stopped working about 18 months ago and I won't be replacing it.

I also have an old Sony Vaio laptop that has stopped and i won't be replacing that either. We both have tablets so they will do us.

I don't think I am missing out on not having a phone that costs over £1000 or anything else. :okay:
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