How did this happen?


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one minute, I'm quite happy with my titanium hard tail, rigid 29er and lower mid range road bike.
Then I'm resurrecting the bike I've had since 1980, giving it a very low budget single speed makeover, and then. Literally the day I finished it, I bought a 1951 Hercules Kestrel, just because my Dad had one!

What got you into classic / vintage stuff?


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South Liverpool
It wasn't classic/vintage stuff back then, it was just "stuff".

Stuff that I wanted and drooled over and probably couldn't afford. It was built by craftsmen and ridden by enthusiasts.

Stuff earlier than I remember is of interest but dosn't appeal so much.

Quality stands the test of time :okay:


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Hi, I'd love to see some pictures of your kestrel if that's possible? They are such nice bikes. Been looking for one for a while but they are so hard to find! You are a lucky guy finding one @SSmatty haha
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