How do you preapre for a 213 mile ride?


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Saturday the 9th May a group of us are doing London to Kings Lynn, my longest ride to date is 123 miles in a day, We are doing a 6-30 am start and hopefully getting the 10-30 pm train back to London, we have a full support van.
A man in a white van :ohmy: There will be the driver and a couple of ladies, one of those being my wife, they will be supplying all the food for the ride, Although we have three stops planned. I have planed to ride Tuesday and Wednesday evening roughly 30 mile rides, then resting Thursday and Friday,^_^
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It is too late now to do anything that will affect your ride other than perhaps overtrain. I'll take it easy with short rides each day and some beer afterwards. Call it carbo loading if you have to.
If you haven't got recent 'big' miles in your legs now, then it's too late to do much about it before the 9th.

Just go at a comfortable pace, don't grind and make the most of the head wind and down hills. Eat and drink well, and come Kings Lynn you should be merry.

Good luck. :becool:


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As above any prep now is too late and could do hinder more than anything, the week before should be easy rides to give muscles chance to relax, just pace yourself on your ride freewheeling when you can but more importantly enjoy!


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We're about 120 miles from London. How's the ride 213?


Do a meal plan starting 2 or 3 days before the ride, that way you start better (or so I have been told never having done a ride that long).

Personally I would do very light riding 2 days before and then not a lot till the big day. Also fettle before hand.

Obviously this is all from bitter experience having decide to mess with the bike the day before and eat rubbish as well, did not help me on the ride at all :-)
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