how far do you commute?

commute length

  • <1 mile

    Votes: 26 2.0%
  • 1-5 miles

    Votes: 278 21.3%
  • 6-10 miles

    Votes: 338 25.9%
  • 11-15 miles

    Votes: 269 20.6%
  • 16-20 miles

    Votes: 155 11.9%
  • >20 miles

    Votes: 239 18.3%

  • Total voters
At the moment its 15.5 miles (12 miles busway) into central Cambridge in the morning and 13.5 miles home at night. I take the longer route in the morning to avoid all the one ways, traffic lights and congestion. If I go through town it's the same cycle time. At night the one ways are in my favour and I can mostly by pass the congestion on a straight route.


I do about 16 miles each way. I could cut it down to 12 miles, but that would mean riding almost the entire way on A roads, and having to cross two roundabouts on motorway junctions.
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