How fast does it go mister.....?



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I did do over 45mph in Germany on a fully loaded tourer, but the hat flapping in my eyes, and the front wheel feeling like jelly stopped me from obtaining full speed data


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Ive broken 40mph down here, its steeper than google maps makes it look, especially if you spin it around. Its a NSL road so i dont like going too fast on it too often, but theres also pretty much no traffic on it since they replaced it with the big dual carriageway literally 20 metres to the north.

My bike computers clocked 43mph down here which is a 40 zone, but i dont like the driveways or slight bend so i tend not to bomb down the top part as fast as I could and usually max out about 35-38.


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Brings back memories ^_^ Our family used to be in to radio control model car racing and if we ever needed to give one of them a run out in the street to try an upgrade or repair there was ALWAYS a passing kiddie or two that would ask " how fast can it go mr" Much chuckeling :rolleyes: ! I've got to admit that i have never been asked how fast i go on m'bike though, but to anyone that cares....38mph, downhill with a 37mph tail wind HAHA !
We've all been asked this, so where was it for you, and how fast?,-0.713253&spn=0.008406,0.022724&t=m&z=16&layer=c&cbll=54.03182,-0.712957&panoid=1UmsVp8teoSHZGeVc8pHiQ&cbp=12,9.45,,0,0.68

44 mph down here on a Merida Road 903

Edit: The road is as steep, narrow, gravel-strewn and bumpy as it looks
I recorded 43.9mph once when slip streaming a transit van downhill. The van wouldnt do 44mph so I couldnt and I had plenty left. Normaly I would max out at about 40 on that hill giving it 100%.


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41 coming down off the Brendon Hills on the edge of Exmoor. The bottom of the descent required some sharp braking for a crossroad with a horribly sharp climb immediately after. What a waste. :rolleyes: :laugh:


41ish down a shallow (but very long) hill near the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. Oh to go to France and get some proper descents. Don't know if I would literally evacuate myself in fear at some of them but they would be an experience!


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44.9 mph down penhale hill on the a30 by kingsleigh village. Would have gone faster but was my 3rd day on my ride to lands end and had roadworks at the bottom.

After the Emmetts have gone I'll give it another go and see if I can get my BIL to lead me out in his vw caddy van.

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srw and I managed 43.9 mph down one of the hills near Corbridge - that's seriously scary on the back of a tandem. Good job I trust him!
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