How Hard can it be? (bike build?)


I'm Curious.

There's a Frame for sale on this very forum that got me very interested in how difficult it would actually be to build up all the components from this sort of state?

I'm pretty happy doing my own maintenance and I think the outlay for tools would be relatively minimal and I'm very much a measure twice cut once sort of a chap...

I suppose I'm asking is it a stupid idea or perfectly reasonable for an average joe to build something up? Whether I take a punt on the frame thats available here or go elsewhere, is there anything particularly tricky I should be aware of?


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Give it a go - you can always ask on here for help.


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For anyone with a reasonable level of mechanical sympathy it's easy.

If however you are the sort of cack handed numpty who rounds off screw heads by looking at them, cant follow simple instructions or believes the only tool really required is a lump hammer then you'd be better off letting someone else do it...... probably while you apply for a job at Halfords..


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THIS @Sittingduck thread from the archive makes for good reading about building up a bike.


Building a bike is easy, and once achieved you will know your bike inside out. Where it can get a bit complicated is working out what is compatible with the systems you are using. For example matching brake levers to calipers, derailleur to cassettes, headset bearings and assembly. Even this though isn't too difficult and you can get all the advice you need on here, or, for example, you tube, or even your local LBS if you buy some bits off them! I would say just go for it.


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Building your own bike will be very rewarding and you could buy new and used parts that will keep the cost down.
my last build cost me £650 and it was money well spent,it's probaly worth about £1000.
i just need the funds to start my next project:whistle:


I have no issue with sourcing ebay/forum parts used and I'm not looking for a dream bike, just something a little more "summery" than my Focus CX and something to pop my proverbial cherry.

It's the Gios fram in the classified that's had me a hankering, surely it's not too much of a nice frame for a potentially ham fisted bugger like me?

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Most of my touring frames have been built up, as most bike tourists around here seem to upgrade as they go, buy a new frame when they want something new, and strip their old frame when they sell it on. My current Fuji came to me only with BB and cranks, and they were so knackered they had to have "special procedures" to remove them. Utterly worth all the trouble. It permits a person to make allowances for personal tastes and needs, like longer crankarms, changes to stem and bars, various physical accommodations. .
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