How many bikes do you have and which one is your favourite?


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Bude, Cornwall
I have 5. My favourite is the one I'm riding at the time!


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Northern Germany
Currently 4 complete bikes and a few frames, wheels and other sundry bits lying around.

A Kona Sutra LTD gravel bike.
A home made Bamboo Bike.
A Tern Link Uno, single speed folding bike for the commute.
A Dawes Super Galaxy from 1993, currently bolted to the turbo.

My favourite? Which ever one I happen to be riding. Though the Kona has given me some amazing adventures this last year.


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Currently 4:
  • Single speed Mango
  • Giant hardtail MTB
  • Planet X Kaffenback commuter
  • Planet X Titanium Sportive

Favourite is definitely the Sportive


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Unless it gets really rough off road my diverge as it is good on or off road.


Found in the Yorkshire hills ...
Currently ... erm ... let me count (in order of arrival / build / purchase):
  1. Ridgeback Platinum - audax bike but unused this year as no long distance audaxes have been held. It's staying though as I built it and then rode PBP and LEL so there's memories, particularly as I got fit on a silver one of these. Which then snapped!
  2. Principia TT2 Light - TT bike. May be staying or going, but I do like Principia's and it's my only one currently.
  3. Raleigh Pioneer - 'town' bike. Cheap as anything, lives outside. Not worth getting rid of.
  4. Wilier Montegrappa - commuter. Either that or the Raleigh SP Race will be staying for commuting duties when they return.
  5. Holdsworth roi de velo - track bike. My birthday present for the 'big' number this year. Regularly raced.
  6. Avanti Circa 1 - winter/cross bike for winter commuting. Probably staying but it's not 'loved'
  7. Dawes Kingpin - in pieces for a re-build to add more gears and reduce weight. Shared with my son.
  8. Giant Trinity TT bike - been out on loan since February and I've only ridden it once :ohmy: . Going on sale next year.
  9. Fuji Track bike - restored this year for me to learn rollers as I was bored May/June and go grasstrack racing. Will probably be sold next year.
  10. Raleigh SP Race - built as a 'temporary' race bike but is a cruiser. Either this or the Wilier are being sold next year.
  11. NeilPryde Nazare - bought last weekend as an interim Zwift race bike. This or my son's Cervelo S3 will be sold next year.
So that's 11 :okay: of which 4 will be sold next year.

Which one is my favourite? That's harder. Most of these I've built up from framesets so it's like asking me to choose between my children :wacko:

But ... probably the Ridgeback. It's flawed but the one I'd keep if I could only have one bike.
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One for every day of the week plus a spare :laugh:

2 mountain bikes, 1 a bit of a lardy aluminium the other a much lighter carbon. 2 hybrids, both Specialized Vita. 1 aluminium with mudguards for the wet and the other a carbon for dry roads. 4 road bikes......2 Specialized Ruby, 1 Cube Peloton and 1 Ribble.

Strangely it’s actually the cheapest bike, the Cube that I have put most miles on.
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